For Building sites you want good quality toilets, delivered on time, and cleaned regularly,

This is our standard. 

Toilets for BUILDERS

Our standard cost effective toilet for Construction sites.

All our toilets are supplied  properly cleaned and supplied with Loo roll and soap. We service them once a  week and make sure they stay this way.

SITE toilet
from £25.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
(Minimum 4 week hire)

The Hotshot toilet has a water heater to provide a warm hand-wash. 

These units do not need a water supply, they are self contained. Connect them to a 240v 3kw power supply and you have warm water

The SOLO can be towed behind any car or van. It takes just a minute to set up on site. When the day is over just hitch it up and drive away.  If you are regularly moving from site to site, this is your answer.

If your site is suitable, this is the ultimate toilet-  a proper ceramictoilet, warm water  and light. It needs mains  power, water and waste. Perfect for longer term installations.

A single shower unit. It only needs 240v 13A, or 3kw to operate. This simpe shower just needs the power and a fresh water supply

HOTSHOT toilet
from £30.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
MAINS Connect toilet
from £25.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
SOLO toilet trailer
from £79.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
from £89.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
ALL prices are Seasonal. Prices shown are for guidance only.