Parties, Weddings, Shows, Exhibitions, Festivals:  We offer a great range of units and solutions for you. Talk to us. We'll give you straight forward honest advise.

Toilets for EVENTS

Whether it's a party or a wedding, a show or a commercial event, our event toilets are suitable for all of them.

 All event toilets come with hand wash facility and all are have a mirror

This is our Disabled toilet . It's wide door and flat level floor gives easy access for wheelchair users as well as carers. We recommend one of these for every ten single loos.

Many of our units also come with a Baby changer fitted.

A single shower unit. It only needs 240v 13A, or 3kw to operate. This simpe shower just needs the power and a fresh water supply

If you've lots of men and lots of beer then a Urinal block is a good idea.

This is a cost effective way to help a lot of customers! These units can take up to 6 men at one time.

The AVENTA is a trailer unit made for special events

The AVENTA has Internal & external lights. This is a nicely finished off trailer and particularly suitable for weddings and parties.

The 2 unit versions are suitable for 100 people, and 3 unit versions, suitable for 150 people..

The SOLO Trailer is completely self contained and suitable for up to 50 people.

Collect it yourself and you can save the cost of transport.  It takes about 2 minutes to set up – then enjoy your party.

EVENT toilet
from £59.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
from £79.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
from £79.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
from £89.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
SOLO toilet trailer
from £89.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
AVENTA 2U trailer
from £179.00 per week
plus VAT & transport
AVENTA 3U trailer
from £279.00 per week
plus VAT & transport

All our AVENTA units are finished to please.

A lot of our customers self collection these units. This way you save of the transport charges. Just collect the unit of a Friday or Saturday morning and return after the weekend on Monday. Contact for details.

  • Separate HAND-WASH stations
  • ELSAN IBC tanks
for details on these talk to us
ALL prices are Seasonal. Prices shown are for guidance only.