Frequently Asked Questions

How many toilets do I need?

For Construction sites we recommend 1 toilet for 8 people.

For Events use the chart below to calculate how many you need.

Do I need to provide water?

No, with the exception of the Mains toilet, all the toilets are completely self contained.

Do I need to clean it?
No all the cleaning is done by us. Just check for litter and rubbish. PLEASE do not use bleach in the toilets. Construction site toilets are usually cleaned every week.
Do I need to be there for delivery?

Yes please - it helps to know where you want the toilet. Don't worry we do all the lifting.

Do they have lights?

No, we don't fit lights to standard toilets. On our AVENTA  trailer units we do have lights inside and out, and this makes them great for evening events and parties. The roofs on most units are translucent so if the toilet is near an outside light it will be light in the toilet.


To book or simply ask a different question just phone us and talk  to Andy or Tanya

Use this table to calculate how many toilets you need for a Event